Bagh Chal - the game of survival. One has to eat and another has to escape. It gets more interesting in every round.
Bagh Chal Game Board. Hand crafted, hand painted in rustic white color.
Tiger engraved on to the board to show where they belong.
There are 4 Tigers and 20 Goats in the game.
Tigers and Goats
Bagh Chal - Game begins with 4 tigers placed at 4 corners of the game board.
Bagh Chal Game
Sample board where goats won
Bagh Chal Game Board with Tigers, Goats and game pieces pouch.
The game pieces are pretty thick for easy movement
Bagh Chal Game Instruction with tiger and goat game pieces
Game Instruction

Bagh Chal - Trap the Tiger Game Board

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Bagh Chal is a two-player game of survival. One player plays as “Tiger” who is hungry and other as “Goat” who is witty. There are 4 tigers and 20 goats in the game.

The tigers play to eat the goats, if they manage to eat 5 goats then they are the winners. Similarly, goats play to trap the tiger so that they survive another day and be the winners. This game is the ultimate showcase of wit and bound to provide hours of fun.

The game consists of a wooden game board, 4 wooden tiger pieces, 20 wooden goat pieces, an instruction page and a pouch to put all the game pieces when not playing.

All the pieces and board are laser cut, hand painted and sealed. They have nice rustic feel to them. (If you want your board in different colors, let me know)


The board is 10.5" x 10.5"x .22".
The tigers are 1.1" in diameter.
The goats are 0.75" in diameter.

Which team would you want to be in? Will you make it? Are you ready for the survival challenge? What are you waiting for? Let the fun begin! 

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